Our Portfolio


Tokenisation is a process of creating a digital representation of a non-digital asset. We specialise in digitisation of alternative asset classes, whether it is a financial product like shares or bonds, or real tangible assets such as real estate and commodities. We enable the digital transfer and management of these real "off-chain" assets into the digital "on-chain" world.


Blauhill App allows asset operators to access a new realm of possibilities to create, record, fundraise and transfer value of their projects, making alternative asset classes transparent and liquid.



Volektra’s Tech Platform connects its Vollkit Hardware to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, giving users full control of their electric vehicle's health and allowing them to set multiple drivetrain parameters to tailor the driving the experience they wish to have.


Together with Volektra, we are working to create first eMoblity Utility Token that allows users to collect rewards based on the distance they make with their electric vehicles and exchange these rewards for various products and services in Volektra's ecosystem.

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