Digital Solutions for Real Assets


Asset managers use this tool to clearly present balance sheets, P&L statements and forecasts. Data fields from audited financial statements are extracted and used in interactive charts presenting financial performance of underlying investments over time and providing investors with clear graphical analytics related to investment vehicle book and market values and their forecasted developments.


Application of AI data model specifically built for real estate valuations that helps to derive a second opinion on real estate value based on its location and several other factors that directly affect pricing. This integrated powerful tool provides investors with additional layer of intelligence as an add-on to traditional pricing methods used in real estate industry by professional appraisers.


Every real asset has its own environmental impact and Internet of Things gadgets are the most effective way of measuring and monitoring size of such impact. With IoT data users see how the impact changes over time, especially when a real asset undergoes revitalisation and upgrades. The Platform allows assets managers to upload IoT data feeds belonging to their assets under management and get comprehensive analytics reports ready to showcase to investors. 


The Platform provides asset managers with secured cloud storage for photographs and videos in different media formats. The inbuilt digital solution supports VR technology media formats allowing asset managers to bring high degree of transparency related to the exterior and interior design of their assets under management. Coupled with modern mapping tools, it allows investors to see their investment as they would be standing just next to it.


Asset managers have access to a vast library of tailored document templates related to presentation of real asset investments, too. Uploaded data fields can be exported as one-pagers or complete documents ready for investor distribution via their preferred electronic means. Templates are available in legal, investment and infographic themes - Investment Prospectus, Key Investment Report, Environmental Impact Infographics or one-page Real Asset Investment Report.


Making Alternative Assets Digital & Liquid

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